Greetings fellow rewirers

How nice, there is a template!! Then I don’t need to do much work :wink: well a little bit about me :slight_smile: i have been struggling with this “small affection” of mine already for two years, and these were wonderfull years: i was able to study myself and discover things and aspects of me i would have never discovered but still, i have not won the war :frowning: (don’t get me wrong i do have the tipical side effects of an addiction: social awkwardness, not willing to bond and so on… ) I have won numerous battles but as you all know the war is long :wink:
I am looking for motivation and inspiration (and also going to the psycologist cuz imo it is not really advisable to just quit an addiction :wink: if one is addicted to something there will be a reason, so discover the reason and solve the problem!! Much easier said then done :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Current steak - couple of hours but going to be looooong
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - Austria

Oh yeah I almost forgot!! Add me up and lets have the hardest battle of our (or at least my) life together!! And as some really wise person at some point in time somewhere said: “no one said it would be easy, but it is going to be worth it”

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I am 18 yrs old and from Germany.

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