Greetings fellow brethrens

Just wanted to let you know that my journey to 1 year is still going on and well had a few urges here but nothing crazy happend thank god🙇‍♀️, soo i was just wondering how is everyone else doing, what have you learned what do you wish to work on in 2018.


I have learnt that when life becomes hard and hell Dont take relief in form of pmo

Instead feel the bad feelings too and you will grow as a stronger version of yourself.


That is very true man we just have to through the tough times to the better ones


Hey @nagate proud of you that you are about to complete 200 days, keep going strong brother.

Learnt a few things in my short journey-

  1. Dont edge. Yes as simple as that. No PM or P or M nothing. Push the filthy thoughts away as soon as they enter in your mind. I relapsed after 35 days, so have a bit of experience to say it so confidently. Edging is a one way road to relapse.

  2. By trying to get rid of PMO we create a void in our life. And that is needed to be filled with something positive and productive, unless we do that our brain will definitely pull us back to its favorite habit of PMO.

Share yours too, you might have a different view about it after abstaining for so many days.


What i have learned from my nf road so far is that we don’t get to enjoy the fruits that come with nf as soon as we start it takes alot of patience , because what i have been seeing is many guys say “f this it does not work i have not seen any superpowers yet” soo i have learned patience is key to this nf road.

Embracing everything that comes with abstaining from pmo on my early years lets say when i was 18 or 19 i was not ready for any of the negative side that you receive from stoping pmo things like fatigue, Being sore, anxiety, boredom, all this are connected soo when i would try nf for couples months i would end up failing this is why i keep telling people to try and think of what might have caused their triggers, it was all because i never embraced or was not fully aware of the side effects of Being a pmo addict, soo embrace the journey with open arm accept the goods and the bads.

Commitment and promise, i had to learn how to commit to myself and see what i wished in my head come true i have mini goals through out the whole year and i have to commit and see them come to life my next goal is 200 soo i have to commit and promise myself that i will make it happen.

finally realised that we have the will power to command our selves to be better on my first day when i started counting days i was soo deep in that i felt sad for myself so i commanded talked myself to achieve atleast a month before you know it i had more will to say if i can reach 1 month then i can reach 2 months, and things just went uphill from there and never looking back, we have will power and we must use it. thank you thats means alot to me.
Diet mostly consisting of greens when you stop pmo you have your brain all scattered and with little minerals soo i reccomend to eat lots of fruit and drink as much water as possible.

I have more to say just can not remember all :blush::blush::blush:

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Yeah, patience, that’s the core. Without patience it is impossible to win over any addiction, or habit or anything else for that matter. There are people with similar streaks as of you but still most of them are not completely satisfied or at peace. You on the other hand are always positive and that too makes a lot of difference. Keep on going @nagate. Lead the pack. :smile:

I never made it past 7 days since the beginning of this year. But thanks to the companions and challenges that I’m keeping up the war against pmo. Also there have been incremental positive changes in my lifestyle since I went past beyond the 10 day mark. Looking forward to no pmo this entire year and completing all my personal goals as well. Let’s do this together and be the best version of ourselves.
My current streak : 24 days