Govind-19 diary entries

Bruh my diary, i can write whatever I want. If it gets removed let it. Free country bro


Go to hostel, it’ll teach you how to be independent and how to live with others. Moreover you will save some time which you waste in coming back home.


Freedom of speech :skull_and_crossbones::joy:

By dayski i meant taking flat / room and living their with other people

Anyways thanks for your advice bro …:hugs:

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Would go nice with the pic😂

Well in that case you’ll have to take care of cooking or ordering food by yourself, in hostel go to mess and eat.
Hostel is better in every aspect according to me :sweat_smile:. Plus time spent in hostel is one of the best times, don’t miss out on that opportunity.
Or you can try both ways one by one and judge by yourself which way is better

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Well big you like your freedom then flat is obviously the choice. You can do whatever the fuck you want. Having a flat means you can party whenever you want and most importantly can get laid easily. There are a lot of pros to having a flat. Cons are that it’s more expensive sometimes. And you’ll have to take care of your shit hy yourself. That’s about it.

Hostel comes with restrictions. But it’s fun as well. But can’t party inside or get laid so thats there. Pros are that you will get food if hostel provides it and cleaning also they’ll do i guess

So consider both. Actually try one year in hostel first then go for a flat and see which works for you


Thanks for the advice man …will see what works out for me …:smiley:

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Day 542

I haven’t made an honest post in forever and it’s high time I did. And this is gonna be a long post.

My life hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies for the past couple of months. I have enjoyed life as much as possible in the past month but it came with a price. I have been slowly progressing in all aspects of my life ever since I started my self development journey but ever since the last couple of months of my last semester, things started spiralling downwards and it sped up quickly. Since our college life was coming to an end, the last couple of months of college was mostly spend by partying. We partied hard! Almost every week and it was filled with alcohol, smoking dancing like mad men. It was either a last class party, a class party, last day party, post exam party and tte list goes on. And i was there in the midst of all of these going full throttle with my Bois. We partied more in a month than the whole 5 years i was in college.
And the consequences were obvious. A lot of alcohol and smoking along with tons of junk food. And in order to do these i stayed with my friends at their place and therefore missed going to the gym almost throughout. But i still managed to workout whenever i could. But i wasn’t consistent and my diet as you could see was garbage.

Then came along record submissions and vivas. Entering the exam phase. Here it was more of a mental torture. We worked tirelessly day and night. I never spent so many nights without sleep in my life. And since I was so busy, my gym life suffered. In the party phase atleast i was walking around and dancing like crazy. But in the exam phase i was stagnant as fuck. Just sitting at the table write for hours. And again my diet suffered. Snacks and biscuits entered my already fucked up diet. I was slowly putting on weight and I noticed it immediately and it killed me from the inside. But i couldn’t help it as exams were my priority then. After vivas and exams and the mental torture that came along with it, it was freedom. From exams and studying yes, but my bad living habits continued.

Soon after my exams got over me and the Bois went on a vacation to Goa for a week. And i was back in the party phase. Good thing was that i was doing a fuck lot of cardio in the form of walking on the beaches and hiking to other places, swimming in pools and the sea and most importantly dancing everyday at some pub in Baga to finish off the night. The routine there was pretty common. Find fun beaches and places to visit during the daytime, come back home and swim, and then go to Baga and party at some random pub. Mostly the cheaper options. And yea, fuck lot of alcohol and smokes. And diet was dead at this point. I returned back to Bangalore a few shades darker and with a new addiction.

After I came back, it took me a few days to recuperate and then my sister came back from Canada. My earlier life of working out and playing and watching my diet was almost dead in the water by now. But i was still playing badmminton on weekends. But it wasn’t enough to undo the damage I did. After my sister landed we went on another vacation to Kerala to meet our relatives. I have a fuck lot of them. I mean a fuck lot. I have 42 direct cousins, so you can imagine. So we had to visit every single one of these houses in one week and they fed us nothing but non vegetarian food. Which is obvious coz we are Christians. I’m pretty sure I ate enough beef to make a whole cow. I’m exaggerating a little but you get the point. It wasn’t just that. I drank with my father, brothers and uncles almost every night. Sometimes during the day as well. I was full from the moment we reached Thrissur. This trip alone made me gain more weight than the last couple of months.

My current situation and how all of this has affected me. My weight has increased substantially. I don’t check weight so I can’t say with certainty but I’m definitely 90 +/- 2kgs which is definitely waaayyy overwiyfor me. My physical efficiency has also taken a toll due to the lack of exercise and crappy diet and bad habits.

My skin which was the main reason I started nofap for and worked so hard to fix has also been fucked up due to all the junk food consumption over the last few months. My acne has increased substantially.

All of this has taken a toll on my confidence level which is affecting my dating life as well. I’m supposed to go on dates with both my girls after I came back home but i don’t want to until i fix myself which will take a while. And im seen zoning them and avoiding conversations with them so that they don’t ask about the dates which is a very bad thing to do on my part.

The intention behind this post is to remind me to fix myself in the coming month. I’m mostly free for another 30 days and I really wanna get my life back on track the way it uses to be. So here are the things that I’m planning to do.

Working out in the gym: 3 time a week, total body split, lifting heavy (Monday, Wednesday and Friday )

Working out at home (Trigger sessions) : 3 times a week, full body, dumbbell workouts ( Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

Playing badminton: Saturday and Sunday for atleast an hour each

Walking everyday( 10k steps atleast)

Watching my diet: absolutely no junk food, cutting sugars and oils almost completely except for unavoidable circumstances. Eating a fuck lot of vegetables to fix my skin.

Reading books or listening to podcasts as much as possible

I’m not keeping a checklist for these immediately because a sudden change in everything might not be possible. But I’ll slowly build into these habits

In the words of the great Jake Peralta, I’ve been in a SLUMP for way to long. It’s time for a reverse slump. It’s time for a PMULS. IM A PMULS THIS SHIT


Demn. I have faced this a couple of times, if I don’t workout and don’t watch my diet for 2-3 weeks I gain 4-5 kgs atleast very easily. I understand how hard it has been for you, I honestly couldn’t survive if I went that long with shitty diet and very less workouts.

Did I read this right?

Fcccyeaaaaahhhh :fire:.

For me rest is fine just no fap is pretty fucked up.
I’ve also been in a Slump no fap wise imma also pmuls this shit.
Also I had been consuming sugar mindlessly over past couple of days and I have started feeling a little fat, I’m cutting out sugar completely once again and I am planning to play basketball everyday for a week because all my friends will be leaving by 30th.


Oh yea, i want to read all of Robert kiyosakis books. I’m 75% done with one


Yea I read. We have both been through this shit before. So we know what to do. All we have to do is to just do it


Noice :100:.

Hell yeah :triumph:

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I know I am not in a position to advise you. You are elder to me. Just thought of sharing my perspective.

What I observed in this forum is that whenever people with achieved high streak relapse, they have a screwed up lifestyle that almost persisted for a month before relapse.

You see Samaranjay who reached 100 + streak twice , Resilient one who reached 300 + days , Tiger who reached 250 + streak once , Forerunner who reached 250 + days twice , ysub who reached 130 + streak once. What I noticed is that whenever I read their diary , they are having a terrible lifestyle almost a few months before relapse.

No , I am not bragging myself I am having an awesome lifestyle. People I mentioned here is having a far better lifestyle than me. I just noticed the pattern of relapse. Even me , I admit I became arrogant after reached 1000 days of no P a few months ago and started not to give a fuck about discipline. My 69 day NO PMO streak was also broken because of this.

I know you are a kind of guy who don’t focus too much on streaks and that’s a good thing. What I am trying to emphasize is that since you have mentioned that no fap has made an improvement associated with your skin , relapse can be a problem if added with a terrible lifestyle.

Also once relapse happened, its really difficult to come back on track. So don’t get disappointed and try to focus on academics and discipline. Its tough though, but its possible .


Also please don’t consider I am not trying to demoralise you to spread hate by any means. These people has always been my role models when it comes to discipline.

I just shared my thoughts regarding this.


Thanks for your valuable advice. I appreciate it. Also I’m done with college so no academics for me. So now i can focus on my physical performance


It’s absolutely alright. I never take things in that sense anyway


Day 560

I had one of the best workouts I’ve had in a long time today. We went to the gym early around 5:30, not many ppl were there so I became the dj for the day. I played anime songs. So more time to workout and anime songs. Can’t get better than that. Also new deadlift prs and sick back pump. That’s about it


Damn lord beerus :fire::fire::fire:.

Too early for you (&me) :joy:.

That’s what she said.