Got laid after 118 days of nofap

I was on my 119th day today.
Today i got laid after a really long time and i am usually good in bed but today maybe because I didn’t fap for too long and i haven’t had a wet dream since i stopped fapping i prematured and this was the most embarrassing day of my life and the girl with whom i hooked up with wasn’t cooperative enough to try it again and that got me depressed and made me to relapse.
i feel like shit now, I have never premature ejaculated in my life and i can’t handle this humiliation. This is really effecting my self confidence. I need help.

Don’t worry man! After doing nofap for auch a long time (props for that!) it is only natural that you grew more sensitive for stimulation. If that only lead to an embarrassing situation, it’s not your fault but just a matter of circumstances and chemistry with that girl.
I had sex with my girlfriend where I ejaculated after like one minute because it was so intense, but that didn’t stop us from staying together and trying something else. Just putting it in and coming is not the only way of having sex and exchanging means of pleasure or affection!