Good News for the whole Rewire Companion Family

In perhaps one of the greatest breakthroughs ever against criminal pornorgraphy, Pornhub just removed from its site 10 million+ unverified videos—nearly 75% of its entire video collection.

This is another HISTORIC WIN for the united #Traffickinghub movement and, in fact, Pornhub itself released a statement crediting Traffickinghub/Exodus Cry for our role in these recent changes (though they used less celebratory terms).

The move appears to be Pornhub’s attempt to scrub criminal evidence after financial strangulation by credit card companies, worldwide media attention, and government action against the company—each stemming from the fact that the site is set up for exploitation and infested with monetized rape and trafficking videos.

The unprecedented video purge follows a string of victories that have unfolded in the past 10 days, including the release of the New York Times exposé “The Children of Pornhub,” Pornhub removing its infamous download button, and Visa/Mastercard/Discover terminating the use of their cards on the site.

It’s the strength and support of activists like you, together with countless survivors, who have made this #Traffickinghub movement a force to be reckoned with. And with your continued support, we will keep fighting until justice is served for the countless victims!

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It’s a great feat indeed, I’ve heard of a lot of people whose privacy was destroyed by this site. Still it’s sad how many people are angry on this, arguing that the purgation on Pornhub is actually a bad thing. I feel happy about this and hope that this keeps happening on the rest of websites that deserve it.

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