Good Morning guys

Well this morning I woke up with morning wood for the first time in a while, my parents/work bosses gave me a sleep in until 8 am this morning, I went to work half an hour after waking up, normally I have to wake up at 5 am and work, but my parents noticed how tired I am and let me sleep in. In the past sleep ins have been a trigger for me, and I have relapsed as a result, but this morning I woke up, opened my curtains and got dressed, ready to go to work.


I’m feeling urges right now, but im also tired, sick, and can’t be bothered doing anything, but ill try and do some things like weight lifting and cold showers

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Morning woods are giving me urges too, let’s see how I beat them! It is such a drag, fighting this each and every day


How you fight with that? Kindly let me know too.
It will help me.

So when I woke up I was really feeling so low and demotivated. So the only feelings or emotions I had that time were the one to masturbate. Soni decided,like whatever I’ll go for a walk just walk and nothing else. Then after I walked 1 km was was continuosly feeling better with every step. So I jogged back to home. This did it for me today. I don’t know tomorrow I’ll be able to do it or not but as of today I am clear and clean.

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