Gonna stop for good

Fapped just a few mins ago I’m filled with regret at this moment i reallllly reallllllyyyy want to stop fapping would love it if you guys give some tips stop this shameful act.

Be honest, don’t you already know enough? You already know what next steps would be best for you :wink:
More and more advice and theories will only keep your mind busy and keep you away of achieving what you already know. The forum is full with advice. What hinders you to truly stay aware when the urge arises? What are you running away from?


I am almost relapsed just 4 mins ago instead i clicked on this great app, read some of my fellow nf brother comments and i am back on track, Anpther HUGE motivator thats helping me beat these addiction is the SEARCH for my SELF WORTH ask yourself do you have any after relapsing because to be honest i have zero when i do relapse.