[gommn] Warrior Defeating Urges: Daily diary

The ennemy is very strong nowadays, it has taken control of many people including myself.
It has managed to make us addicted slaves.
We had given up to this ennemy that has gone into almost every single house in this planet.

But the time has changed, and we are now starting to fight it together.

I have decided to start this journey a few weeks ago, I had minimal success for 5-6 days in a raw.
But now I have decided it is the time I truly complete the challenge like a real warrior in the battlefield and conquer these urges.
From now on they do not have any control over me.

I will let no urge control me.
I will let no bad thought occupy my mind.
I will let no good day or bad day ruin my progress.
I will let no unexpected event throw me off course of destroying the ennemy.
I am the master of my body and I decide what to do every time that happens.
I will treat my thoughts and urges as ennemy and look to obliterate it by immediately focusing on something else.

I will report here any feelings and urges and benefits every day, to share with everyone this journey.

This is a journey of self control more than anything else, it is the hardest one to master.
But if mastered everything else becomes easy.
As Tao Zhu said :’ He who controls others may be Powerful, but he who has mastered himself is even Mightier’!

We are in this together, and we will defeat the ennemy!

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