Gold's diary (just hold it)

I m having an urge today since evening, but i don’t have to give up,it’s my 7 th day ,no you can’t , please u can’t, just take a deep breath , u can do it,

It’s a long journey to go,

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Day 2 , trying hard not hard it’s by mindfulness ,

Life goes on ,it hurts daily , u have to find the reason for happiness ,

Day 4 ,

Again it’s impossible for anyone to recover without compatibility partner , i have some friends in another app they r helping me guiding me supporting me thanks friends

Day 5

The extraordinary thing about life is ,never give up on yourself ,

It doest matter no one Supports u , u mama u r father is against u, universe is against u , doesn’t matter ,

Keep moving

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Day 7 ,

Yes i have reached here ,yes i m not telling a lie i have ,
Do you think people change ,

U should have met me earlier , i can talk to any girl now , i make eye contact wow ,this haven’t happened in the past ,

I will improve

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Day 8

Have to complete some target of today, no urge today ,


Day 9

You know what happened when i quit this shit after16 years ,i can talk to any random girl ,

Wow dude my life has changed i thought being single superpower (actually it is) , to quit pmo is best thing in life ,

I m making friends after 16 years , i don’t panic , intimidated or having grudge on anyone i have started to forgive them now , if anyone made a joke about me i took it personally but it’s changed my life is changed


Day 11

So what to say, i m having enormous anxiety and maximum distraction in the morning when i wake up for study , seriously i woke up today at 5 am and simply blindfolded not able to read a single word till 10 am ,i think it’s the flat line that’s taken up my life , ok will try tomorrow hard

No urges today
15 minutes cardio
Mediation 15 minutes

No internet from last 11 days

I m in discipline now

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