Gold's diary( 30 m)

My mind - why do u quit mastrubation ,it’s the greatest pleasure human can ever had , so what have you lost?

Me- everything (except pleasure)


Not at all. Laying yourself down with a good woman is one of the greatest pleasures in the world.

Masturbation only brings you shame and makes us feel like loosers.


Day 3 , feeling sleepy , i have not visited Instagram ,fb , you tube whole day ,and on a mission to carry on let’s see,

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Day 4 - urge is not there , but a week before lack of concentration was there, i cried a lot, but today is gud , appreciate the life ,you got only one - i told to myself


Relapsed ,but started again ,why i relapsed , by mistake had a glimpse of a p_orn site🙂,

But now in my 3rd day,

Feeling gud today,

I will continue to write sometimes i didn’t get time my schedule is very busy , my highest day after coming to this app is 6 days 11 hours ,

My highest in last 2 years, i am happy with it☺️

Da y 4 - wow ,how this app is helping me?

  1. I don’t have to think much about quitting fap this app is like a Guardian supporting from back

  2. from years by, how quietly the days r passing earlier for no fap 1 day it take me weeks or even month to do so

  3. anxiety depression loneliness is much less concentration is not so good it’s Bec of gradually quitting the fap but it will resolve

  4. i laugh like anything i smile a lot i feel relaxed wow is this called the life

Day 5 -

I m feeling so gud today happy energetic i smiles a lot,

Why is this happening, i don’t have any reason , but why?

The no fap is showing its benefits

Is this called a life

Yes mate it is😁

My life has changed ,i have changed

Day 6

Today just entry ,not in a mood today , totally exhausted feeling tired ,

But struggled a lot today, concentration is poor Bec of no fap but better than yesterday ,i will struggle

I have decided i will

Life is hard very hard ,

Day 7

My highest streak in this app, wow , stigma is broken thatvi can’t do it, u have to be prooud of yourself even if the victory is so small the people out here thanks to all thanks to God with me for everytime
I didn’t time no fap from a time but suddenly idea came in my mind it’s all Bec of transformation i have seen in my self this year
U don’t have to give up give u r everything that is the secret to sucess u r not alone u have changed the smile happiness kindness that u show Bec of no fap is the kind of life u wanted just keep going
Life is short really short enjoy it live your dream if u love someone then let them know

Day 8

Another day , concentration is poor, but have to struggle, what else I can do , go and manstrubate ,. Naah , i thought about it ,but no,
Life is very complicated these days , studying is going hard day by day , have to complete my coarse on time ,
U need strength for everything ,thanks god for all of the things ,feeling sleepy but can’t sleep today’s task is left ,

I m doing my best let’s see , side effects of no fap is getting worse , i know it will improve ,


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Yes keep going brother :pray::facepunch::+1:

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Thanks dear :slightly_smiling_face: , positive vibes

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Again day 6

Only to remind myself

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Next target:

360 days

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Keep going bro ur doing very well ))

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Thanks brother, everything is possible , u just have to try one more time

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100% truee brother!!!

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Next 360 days - no movie

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Just saying,

India is a type of country where people do arrange marriage( fixed by parents) how can u force someone to love u

Seriously How can a love for someone be arranged :joy::joy:

Day 6

They live together forever without love :heart_eyes::grin:

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Day 7

Nothing else ,days goes by life is pretty busy,
People annoys me sometimes ,

But one thing is clear life is hard ,and will try never give up ,

For best u have to reach next level to achieve it,
Never waste a day of your in pmo

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