Gojo Sotaru's Diary [M 15]

Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing well.
Okay, so these are some thoughts and confessions I want to share. Also a new beginning of my life.

I’m a 14 year old and have been addicted to PMO since I was 12… My friends introduced me to P***
And that was how it began. I always felt that I should stop but couldn’t. Every time after those few minutes of pleasure…I used to regret hard and be ashamed of myself (I still do and still am)

I got to know about nofap last year but didn’t take it much seriously until this year. I used some streak tracker app, but it didn’t work much. Although I started improving. The boy who couldn’t stay without PMO for a day made it 2 days, then 3,4 and the highest is 15 days(made it in September)! But it all got really messed up since October. I just can’t stop relapsing, been stuck into chaser. But I somehow I managed to make 6 days clean but after breaking that I’m back to the same track again. :sweat:

I want to get over it, I really want to.
I got to know about rewire yesterday and today I thought of creating an account and here I am haha. Also this community seems nice so I thought of sharing my feelings. I hope you guys will help this brother of yours…

I’ll try updating my diary everyday from tomorrow onwards with some particular tasks.
Also, I’ll like if you guys will provide me some advice and suggestions on getting out of chaser effect.


27th November, 2021. Day 0

It hasn’t been a good lately. I kept relapsing. It’s been so hard even to complete three days.
Feeling so exhausted and tired :disappointed:
Hentai has been the main reason for my relapses. I’m trying hard to cope up with it. But can’t. Sometimes I feel like giving up everything. Well I’ll try anyway.
Also I need to be productive, for that here is a list of what I’ll doing from tomorrow:

Morning tasks

  1. Morning meditation
  2. NF motivation
  3. Minimal use of social media
  4. Study for 30 mins [ and have to do online classes ]

Afternoon tasks

Well, I mostly relapse during afternoon. So I’ll try to stay busy as possible by studies or by watching any anime or something.

  1. Afternoon meditation [ 5 mins ]
  2. Watch anime [ optional ]
  3. Study
  4. Sketch practicing
  5. No social media

Evening/night tasks

  1. Study
  2. Minimal use of social media
  3. Plan for the next day

I was fighting hentai addiction too…

@prothekter_aden Did you get over it?

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Hmm…I don’t know…maybe…cause 27 days without it ain’t all bad I’d say.

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That’s a great milestone bro! Keep going

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Ever think about analysing your relapses and finding what’s common in them?
Try that.

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Yes, I’ve done that. I will mostly relapse during afternoon or evening, when I’ll be bored or It’s like outta nowhere I’ll get that thought of relapsing, and then without even thinking I’ll gave in.
And as I’ve been stuck into chaser lately, idk why everything I get urges and I’ll try to get over those urges my mind will convince me somehow that nofap is useless anyway. And that’s how I give in everytime.

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If you have nothing to do, you will relapse. Keep that in mind.
Afternoon and evening are the times we’re supposed to enjoy anyway so why not watch some anime/movies/series you like? (In limit)
I do that…or sometimes, I straight go to sleep :joy: :sleeping:
Kills time yknow…
Everyone’s schedule is different, you just have to find the thing to replace that PMO time, and boom, suddenly relapses will reduce drastically

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Yes dude! That’s the thing. This was how I made 15 days once.
Well I’m trying anyway. And thanks for your support. That motivated me haha

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Just so you know (or maybe you already know)…
Motivation is but a false god, it doesn’t last.
Understand this now bro or else you’ll be a goner later :joy::joy:

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Yes yes, I’ve gotten the idea of it :joy:
Gotta try harder this time, October and November have been a disaster for me. Just can’t stop relapsing.

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Goodluck brother.
Stay Strong.

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Thanks bro! You too :fire: :100:

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28th November, Day 0

Back to 0 again :sob:
This is just exhausting , relapsing daily without even thinking about the consequences and then regretting about it. How much I try to control my mind, I can’t. I’m not able to control my urges.
As expected, relapsed again at the same time I did yesterday. Was getting bored,then yeah…gave in.

Basically did nothing today.

hey there mate welcome in the comunity!

i am very sorry to tread that PMO is already an issue for you at the age of 12

on the other hand great that you are here so early in your life andt are commited to get rid of it :wink:

in this sense:

ahve you alreay checked out the easy peasy method to quit PMO here a free PDF and a free audiobook ?

it has a lot of great input and a very helpfull perspective on how to enjoy quitting PMO :wink: works great for me and a unch of other son this forum

bests and hope you are getting out fo chaser soon :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for sharing! I’ll read it soon!

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29th November, Day 1

It was a good day after so long!
Been productive! And finally reached day 1. Imma give my best this time.

  1. Studies [3 hrs] :white_check_mark:
  2. Minimal use of social media :white_check_mark:
  3. NF motivation :white_check_mark:
  4. Sketch practice :x:
  5. Mediation :x:
  6. Read EasyPeasy [ 2 chapters done ] :white_check_mark:

30th November, Day 2

Finally completed day 2!
Tho it wasn’t much of a productive day today :man_facepalming:

  1. Study [did 1 hrs] :x:
  2. Meditation [did 5 mins] :x:
  3. Sketch practice :white_check_mark:
  4. Minimal use of social media :white_check_mark:
  5. NF motivation :white_check_mark:
  6. Read EasyPeasy :x:
  7. Plan for the next day :white_check_mark:

Great step mate. At this age most of the guys keep arguing that fapping is healthy an hell what not, little do they know the value of their semen. But you realized the ill effects of PMO and wish to change. You are a gem pal…
Listen well oh brother, the journey won’t b easy at all, at times you’ll feel like giving up and going back to the old ways. That’s completely normal, just don’t ever give up.

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