Going through flatline but still have normal functioning libido(need help)


First l want to talk about myself little bit. l am 17 year old male. Compare to others my porn addiction wasn’t that strong. I started to watch porn and masturbating when l was 15 year and half years old. And i never watched that hardcore stuff. I very rarely watched videos that included male. Most of the time l used my imagination. Because my imagination had huge impact to me than those videos. And i started my nofap journey at September of 2018. I had a lot of fails. But my highest streak was 73 days. I was feeling amazing in that time. My memory increased 3 times(i have worked on my memory as well) , better brain function, better mood and etc. But l relapsed after 73 days. Now l am feeling like a shit. Today is my 5th day. And l think that l am going through flatline. Low energy, depression, brain fog, bad memory and etc. But my libido is normal. And l dont have ed. I know it is not that strong like it used to be in day 73 but it not that weak compare to others. By others i mean that l have read a lot of information about flatline. And some people’s ed problem was stronger and they were able to have normal libido after 1 year or more. Can you give me advices how to overcome flatline or having clear mind or other thing like that? And why my libido is active when l am in flatline?(sorry for my bad English)


Flat line time length is different for everyone. For me its about 1-2 weeks in the start of a streak. Just keep trying and be mindful of your triggers. Remove the triggers and learn to combat them and you will succeed. Good luck! You can do it.

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May i know how much wet dream u got when on 73 days streak?


Out of 202 days ive had one wet dream. This is part of the rewire process. If you are having sexual dreams make it a point to correct the dreams in your head with what the new you would do. For example. You have a dream of having sex. You wake up and now close your eyes and think about how you would say no and be strong in your dream. Picture it. Stand for more in your dream.

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13 wet dreams and 9 of them I haven’t seen anything

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Just keep going my friend. You are doing good.

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