Going crazy these days

So I’m on a day 63 of nofap, and I’m going crazy these days , I feel like I wanna scream so loud, cry😢. My mind is always goes around, i wanted to have se* all the time. I don’t know what do, I’m just holding these urges for some time by mediation but those desire never leave. I totally lose myself when I see an extremely attractive female. Does anyone feeling this?


Hi man,
I’m only on day 15 but you must know you’re not alone: I’m going through this as well.
The thing is, you just have to do something you like and to be enthusiastic about. Then the thoughts will slowly fade and get in the background again… Anyway, it can’t last forever, so see it as a new challenge and think of how much you will get better if you triumph from it.
Keep going and distract yourself
I wish you the best of luck man


Thanks man🙂…

Hey man, I am here for you. I know it’s hard. I am on day 51 of nofap and the urges, desires, fantasies are like a roller coaster. It goes up then down and again up. We can’t help it. We have trained our brains to fantasize, lust over women and look at them as objects for years. Now it takes a heavy toll on our brain to “untrain” itself. It will become difficult, I can assure you. But giving into your demons is not an option here. Do not let your sexual desire drive your whole life. Concentrate on work, plan trip with friends, go to parties, meet someone, get rejected once, twice thrice, but someone will come along :slight_smile:. Find true love, build healthy relationships, set a life goal aside from career goals. Achieve it(or at least try to). And then you will appreciate life for what it is.


Thanks for the support brother, I’ll definitely consider what you’ve said. It really makes sense, we’ve been doing this thing from a long time and its now very difficult for having a control over our mind. Yeah we need to keep ourselves busy.

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Same here, man. My streak is only day 12 but my energies are all over the place. I feel like a superhero who can’t control his powers. It’s very frustrating. Somehow i try to give direction for myself.


Please follow this link, it might help:

I dont know if you believe in God or not, but if you do, heres some advice:
The only reason i’m on day 16 by now is because I sweared to Gid over my salute not to masturbate or watch any sex-related content. I know it may seem a bit extreme but it is strong as f***. Really do it if you believe in Him it’s INSANELY strong
Good luck


Your suggestion is highly appreciated brother @pierretomas18 as that’s what I needed now. As I’m a religious man too I feel like its an extreme decision and I highly doubt if would be able to complete it or not. So I would rather not, but that doesn’t mean I’ll start doing what I was from all these years instead, I’m finding other ways to stop it. All the suggestions are appreciable, as our primary goal is same. BTW If I’m not wrong the act of FAP is already forbidden in any of the religion…So right now we need to stop this thing already. Can you share your Companion ID.

Urges are natural. Keep strong, your body will release extra semen by wet nights then you should be little relaxed. You are coming out of it slowly.