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This is a series that includes 3 groups that you account to and they account for you too. You start from Tier III and work your way to Tier I. The journey itself to Tier I is just life changing.


This topic will be adjusted as necessary but feel free to make suggestions and ask questions

From the Founder:

Some of you are starting from Day 1 and it may not feel pretty being there but everyone has had to start from there too, some more than others and vice versa, we are all victims, but the result is still the same, PMO’s negative effects. So i encourage you take on our challenge series for yourself and for any ounce of hope you have for a real free future.

β€œA winner is only as good as his ability to get back up when he has fallen, for he falls many times before he flies” - Senias Chiggx II

This Topic Forum will only do updates on matters concerning the activity of the groups and it will harbour a platform for you to connect through to these groups.

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Age - 21
Gender - M
Location - ZW

Why I want to create a group -
To better the lives of others and my own.

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How many of you have achieved a great streak and then suddenly broke it? I’m sure plenty and honestly thats the process of this reboot. After that relapse you may again be tempted to binge like i did, but i implore you to instead enjoy that feeling you get when you overcome an urge.

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