Goat's Diary about Becoming an Alpha Goat

I read some diary posts here and I am interested in doing something similar. We goats need to be heard too, you know.

Day 40

Very very bad day. I have like six days of feeling like goat in a slaughterhouse. Its not good. And lets talk about those mood changes. I am diagnosed with dysthymia so I think Nofap has some weird influence about my mood stabilization. Maybe it’s good maybe it’s bad who knows.
I struggled with the decision to go to university and study psychology next year. I have no idea what to do in life a part from that. Writing books that’s what I want (No idea why though) all my goat life but now with the university possibility? Jesus, this is a one big trigger to avoid deciding and go for porn.
So moods are trying to kill me. My goals in life are shifting rapidly per minute. I have a STRONG desire to watch some kinky stuff and throw it all away. And I am lonely as a goat can be.
So here you have it. Completely bitching diary log. I hope it will get better.
Goat’s out.


You want to write a book? Then get on it :grin: Maybe you can channel your mood swings into a story or several short ones. Getting things out of your head into a physical form might help to create some sort of relief. Any method is better than doing the fap.

Nothing stays as it is. Change is the only constant. Be the goat that transcend. Don’t be the goat that threw away 40 days on a wimp.

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Hey you are on spot, man. Maybe I should try to direct my mood in some sort of story. I will try it tonight.
Thanks for supporting goats my fellow human! Let’s transcend this together.

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Dont you dare to milk that GOAT, an ALPHA male never masturbates… He is a protector of his tribe & family. He loves his wife & children. He lives for his community.

I dont want to see a GOAT who is lazy & tired because she has fucked hereself … i want you to RISE UP EVEN HIGHER

bring your ass back to basics.
No watching
No fapping
Going all for your goals…
Living GOAT’s Life

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Oh you know how to motivate a goat, brother. Thank you for this. And as well I want you to stay sober for life, man. Don’t give in. We are on this together, right?


Day 41

Motivation high. I am less socially awkward. I have ambition to study at university and become a psychologist. I need this nofap energy, this drive. Its so beautiful to feel like a master over my animalistic impulses.
I changed a lot but I NEED TO REMIND myself that I can fall back to PMOing, drinking and suicidal chaos.
Mood was stable.
I like the way I am today.
Goat’s out


Day 42

COLD SHOWERS! Holly shit they are awesome! I felt like on some drug or something. Wow that was an amazing experience. Oh God…
My voice is deeper and stable. I remember having this soft, quiet voice but now it’s more strong, steady and louder. This is so cool.
And women are smiling at me more and engaging conversation or I even catch some of them checking me. It must be because of my straight posture and straight shoulders. I am no longer slouching. I am keeping my head up facing whats before me.
And studying psychology is my life goal so I can face this Chaos called life. I can face the suffering and help others by not hurting them. God! My serotonin levels are high today!
Good pork and chicken I cooked today.
Great exercise.
I am so grateful for everything.

Keep on rollin
Goat’s out


Goat where are you?? I wanna know if you becam an alpha goat or not… :thinking::thinking:

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Yes pls use this as reminder, compare your old self to your new self and be a man :muscle::muscle::muscle: