Getting to the core

Hi guys/girls

I’ve been mastrubating to digital content since almost Year 4-5 (1999-2000), when the Internet become available over dial up at my Maternal Grandparent’s place, although in between I have been able to let go highest being 8 months, but lately after installing this app I have been recording and maybe even doing it a bit more that before or the recording is making me aware, i had a initial 34 day streak using this app, then a 15 day streak recently but am dwindling a bit to get completely over it. I’m 31+ almost 32 soon, so this is the final chances i have to build a great social life with beautiful family and kids, which is something I deeply desire.

Thank you for the platform :pray:


Congrats :clap::clap::clap::clap:

I hope constantly that you get the highest streacks We will all beat our addiction :muscle::fire:

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