Getting to know strangers

hi there brothers!

Im fairly new to the app on my 0 days record.
This community gives a BIG support. I’ve been seeing posts of motivation from people going thru the same struggles.

Hoping to find companions.
can you guys share your information?

Age / Country / Sharing Code

I’m 28 from Philippines / CODE : em4whn

Have a nice day!
Lets focus on our Goal and Quit this Addiction


Hi I’m Vicky.
Age -17
I’m from India
Sharing code’lvsdhc’


Hey #brandoncruz myself Aditya (Nick) from India. My sharing code is day781.
You can also follow me by tapping on @Nick … May God bless all of us throughout this journey.


@brandoncruz my name is also same Aditya Das (nickname:- Addydas) same from India.
Username: Adidas2201
My sharing code is gr605r
We are together in this fight. If you need any help ask me.

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Hey people, not exactly new but I getting back to the marathon of life again. Nice to meet you all

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