Getting things done in life

Hi all, I am in 27+ days hard mode. I have not peeked at porn for last 50 days also. While I seem to have gotten better with controlling urges, lately I seem very sluggish mentally. I have lots of things to be done, exams are coming up but I can’t create the sense of urgency and getting things done quickly as I normally do. Need help about how to get up and running and motivating myself.

Take one task at a time.
Make a Time Table.
Plan about the most urgent things.

I am trying to follow a time table. Is pmo and nofap somehow linked to this? Have any of you faced sudden demotivation?

You might have a flatline.
To overcome this work your ass. Start grinding. Nofap makes you a normal human being. It gives you a push & courage. Real efforts are made by you if you want something in your life.
To become extraordinary you have to put work into it. Labour; sweat & hard work.
Go for the kill.

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