Getting strong urges but being strong myself

What should i do now i am having urges fuck me

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Basic thing is you need to concentrate on something else and don’t give much attention to your urges.

Find a new hobby or simple just take a walk out from you home, hope this helps

Stay strong :muscle:

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Theres a method that’s been proven to help addicts.

  1. Make goals that you really want to accomplish in your own life. Not goals that someone else gives you.

  2. Envision a future. Because of how addiction changes the brain it makes it so when you have an urge you are looking only at today and not the future. But when you look into the future and train yourself to look for later (& greater) pleasures you are able to withstand a tiny urge much better. Thinking about the past and the future uses parts of the brain which gives you control over addiction. Addiction makes you only think about the now and how can I get my next fix. Train your brain and eventually you’ll strengthen your will more and more. Gooduck.
    A tip to do this more effectively, think of your life as a story. Think about where you came from, where you went to school, all your life’s events, and imagine a better and beautiful future.