Getting rid of PMO is the key to improve your life

Taking a break from PMO which then turns into lifetime decision really help to make first steps on bettering your self-being. You become more energetic and productive and less groggy or sleepy. At first its confusing, because you have never felt like that, but the key is to use that energy on improving certain aspects of your life.

Every improvement pushes your farther and farther away from usual bad routine.

I’m still fighting, but what motivates me is neverending thought that “I have to get my fundamentals right” like al those certain good-looking guys to move forward.


Damn, nice to see you here.

And yeah, just like Kobe said, “Even if you fail ten times, the eleventh time will be great. Even if you fail eleven times, the twelfth time will be great.”

Keep pushing on!


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