Getting past the cycle

I want this discussion to be a supportive one that helps us all find a way past our cycles.

My cycle is 2 days.

What is your average relapse streak?

When an urge hits, I immediately give in. How does someone who gives in easily get stronger so they don’t give in?


My last two streaks were of 10 days.

If for the few beginning days, you give in immediately, that means you have to develop willpower and self control which might come automatically when you get to a higher streak, but the main problem is always the beginning days, if there is a lack of will power, you should have some strong motivation which may get you to atleast 5 - 10 days, after that it is rather easier than a 1 - 2 days streak, another thing you can do is to set small goals, the best one is that do not set a goal to stay clean for a whole year, instead every morning set a goal to stay clean for that day, the next day again set a goal to stay clean that day, this will be much easier.
(This is just my opinion)

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May I ask aye very hard question .
When alone do u feel the presence
And the pleasure of women wanting to
Be there ?
The reason I ask that question is because when men feel the sense of loss which is from women. We seek that pleasure right away causing the relapse since your cycle is two days I’m guessing day 1 u find a purpose and day 2 u realize your not mentally fit for that purpose so u think about the things u want to be comfortable.

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My entire addiction started when pandemic began.

I never had a girlfriend and never been on a date.

Every girl I show interest to supposedly always has a boyfriend.

So yes for a whole decade before the pandemic I desired female attention and never had any.

Then the pandemic hit and my loneliness connected to wanting a woman increased 100 fold.

So to answer your question, yes, I desire to have a real woman physically with me before my relapses and during them.

Man its sad because when women state they have a boyfriend they don’t find u attractive at that moment which means that u have to find a purpose and get revenge when you’re older we gone be rich may I ask how old are you? And also loneliness is understandable .man being alone can cause the most wicked thoughts about society which is good the truth needs the strongest men

@BloodyCocaine, I am 31. But in April 2022 I will be 32.

CS: 367 Days

I had tried many times before to stop this addiction.

But what made the difference this time was reading about this addiction (I read a book called “Your Brain on Porn”), downloading this app to keep track of my streak.

In order to avoid relapsing, I think of how stupid the idea and image of me alone in the bathroom masturbating watching another man having a woman is. I was a loser, and I decided not to be a winner now.

I think that if you adopt this mindset and have the willpower needed, you will succeed.

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