Getting out of the 2 to 3 day loop

I have posted a lot about this, but I am getting very tired physically and emotionally about my 2 to 3 day loop of relapses.

I hope to have this be a discussion for a while.

I feel lonely often, and anyone who has read my past posts know about my crying, complaining, and difficulty with this problem.

I like this community because we are all in the same boat. However, when I see others who can go dozens of days without a problem, I keep wondering why can’t I reach that far.

My goal every time is to reach just 4 days. I NEVER MAKE IT.

My relapses are almost always in the morning and the device I always use is my smartphone.

I also see myself using my smartphone more than I need to and know I must decrease my usage.

However, I get extremely bored quickly when I am on my day off from work, and thoughts of being without a girlfriend always bother me.

I ask for a discussion about my situation. Anyone is encouraged to comment.


Hey brother, I feel ya about feeling lonely and not being with a girl and having a normal life, but remember that we are in this position because of PMO, I am myself in this loop for months now, but there is a solution.

Make a plan and include productive habits in your life, like exercise, reading books, going to sleep early, eating healthy food, etc…

Also take cold showers often whenever you get urges.

I’ve just given random tips, but you have make a proper plan as to what and when you will do which habit. Also you said that you make 4days as your goal. Well let’s challenge each other and start from now onwards,

First goal will be 24hours, then 3days, then 7days, then 10, and so on.

And as soon as we reach our target goal, we will treat ourselves with something, like ice cream or something like that.


You are not , believe it
Believe that 1 day of no fap is for you not for people , you don’t need anything from anyone , you need yourslef for this weak moment that lead to relapse again and again

No one will lose you here , pray for God and ask him to give you the strength to pass your goal .


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