Getting night fall in every 5 to 6 days

Guys few weeks every 5 to 6 days I am getting night fall without even thinking any erotic things. Is it something to worry about?

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No it’s just normal. Only thing you have to do is to channel your precious energy in some useful stuff and you find yourself without wet dreams , btw it’s my personal experience as I’ve also faced this type of issue.


Make sure you’re not staying up late, make sure your pants and undergarments are not tight in the crotch area, don’t drink too much water before sleeping, pee just before going to bed, and the biggest of all : don’t sleep on your stomach, sleep on your back.


Usualy i have my wetdream on 2nd or 3rd week but in current streak 45 days have gone… and No wet dreams.
I had sexual dreams though.

Dont worry about things which are not in your control for now.

I have no such personal experience but i believe in it
They say…As years passes by and you start controlling every aspect of your life … one day … your awareness will be so high that you cant relapse even in your sleep


Thanks guys.Taher said right since few weeks I was staying wake late.