Getting motivation from Movies

“Shawshank redemption” is on the best movies I have ever seen. I like to see it from the perspective of Nofap. The man is imprisoned, just like we are imprisoned inside this addiction. One of the famous quotes in the movie “That’s all it takes, pressure and time.” How that man, with his persistent efforts and immovable paitence, breaks out of that prison after 20 years is just laudable. Sure, he faced many tough times in the jail, but it didn’t stop him from achieving his goal. Similarly, we, like Andy Dufrain, have to be paitent, have to be persistent and move past our difficulties and hardships because there is a bright future waiting for us at the end of that 5 football field equivalent sewage pipe. Just keep moving and you will come out a victor​:muscle::wink:


You can share any of your movie experience which you found inspirational.

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