Getting Everyone In The Green (Entries Open)

Hello all you absolutely beautiful passionate people!!! I’ve held a lot of honestly failed challenges in the past because the forum is kinda dead right now but that’s ok! So I’m going to try my best to keep up with this one… I’m beginning to become really sad because I’m constantly seeing everyone in red and orange!! So here I have created this challenge where I will tag all of my companion list buddies that are in the orange or red… Because it’s about time we all grow together!! Give me your sharing code if you’d like to join!! (Also sorry this is kind of a messy writing format I’ll redo it later)


People who are not in the green right now:


Hey guys! Are you interested in Joining?

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People who are not in the green right now:

I am lacking the commitment or resolve brother, no matter what I promise to myself or what challenge I join here, I end up relapsing, yesterday I had relapsed thrice and then I decided to leave it like for real and when I woke up today and had a strong urge with a boner which aint going away while iam half conscious, thee I go again, boom, fired up the browser and did it, even though I was already dead by energy because of yesterday’s relapses and the day before.

Now I have relapsed 8times in 3days.

It is raining outside like super heavy rain continuously for like more than week, so I am stuck at home for a long time, which is why I am not evn able to go for more than a day.

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I relapsed yday but I’m going to start again today

Sure chris! I have relapsed yesterday but im almost 1 day now. Sorry, whats to be in orange?

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It means, when we are under 24hours , our counter shows our companions in red or orange colour and after reaching a day, it turns to green.


@slave_of_allah sorry to hear that mate-.-
it sounds like you are in a really hard place.

if yoiu care for my advice:

to me it sounds like you are beeing very hard to yourself and feel tired and ashamed…

i understand that i can relate.

maybe you need to have more compassion with yourself.
you are doing a hard thing and you are already doing a your very best if you could do better you would do better. but currently you are at your limit and that is fine youa re onyl human.
take a break. think about what you ned waht will help you feel better and more happy. change your focus from how you failed on how you tried. how you are still here and doing your best how you have not lost the war just lost a battle and that does not matter in the long run.

you can do it.

tight now you are down. you do not need to kcik your self. be kind to your self. drink some hot bevarage lsiten to good music maybe eat sth tasty. relax. waht happened happened… thatn you but only after that break you can think about how you might want to change your nofap approach since waht you are currently doing is not helping hence repeating that is the very definition of amdness:) you need some input form your freinds and family a new perspective or a reminder of better times maybe also a ream/image of future amazing times ahead.

what might help if you go to a freind or family memeber and jut get a hug… you do not really ahve tot tell them anything but if you tell them that you need it and they care about you they will give you that and just enjoy the body contact. enjoy that there are people there for you that life is good and that you are still here.

and than you will prepare with the help of your (local) companions for the next battle brainstorm prepare guards/fallbacks etc. and than you will be better equiped for the next battle.
you can only win in the long run you are still here and your desire ist still there.

stay strong you can do this. we believe in yu and we ahve your back.



Thanks brother for your words, they were really helpful.

I will take your advice and update my achievement in my diary.


Why not try giving up porn first. After failing many times i realized that i was failing coz i thought mo was the problem but the real problem was porn. I tried to quit porn. It was hard, as its available everywhere on the internet in different forms. I failed, then i tried again, failed again, i tried and tried and tried untill i succeded. To be honest quitting porn made me quit mo as well. I hope this piece of info. helps u in your journey.


Ok bro I will, thanks


@ChristianMan I’m interested

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