Getting back up again and need accountability partner

Hey I’m new here, still getting the idea of how the forum works and the companion…Not really new to NoPMO. I Started at NoFap before, then I stopped participating in forums and later on relapse. It got worse as months go by, which is really frustrating. Now, here I am again to conquer my worst nemesis. Hope I’m welcome here.:blush:


Welcome bro…to conquer this addiction…you should focus on your daily routine…don’t think I will not watch porn…I will not masterbate today…blahhh blahh…only you have to track your daily routines…you will get result very soon…sleep early and wake up early…:fire::fire:


You’re most welcome bro!

Add me in your companion list
My code : elmade

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So true man, I’ve been at this marathon for more than a year now, falling and getting back up again and again and again…It’s almost funny, almost.


Im new here too. same struggles. we got this bro. i hope we conquer.


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