Get Your Life back

Manly Men,

Don’t sit back & watch life pass you by.

  • Don’t be the guy who obsessed over social media likes
  • Don’t be the guy who played video games all day
  • Don’t be the guy who drunk his life away

Get involved.

  • Go join a sports team
  • Go learn a new skill
  • Go to the gym
  • Go join a books club



I Will add: Go and join some Volunteering, If You are desoccupied (no study, no job).

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Yes, you are right , we don’t have to be idle

I have played video games all day every day for many years. They are not bad plus to forget the addiction is easy. However people say it’s bad it’s not. It helps you in many many ways.

But it’s better to play less that way you can see the great things that hide in life. Like have a job and then go back to playing games. It’s a good way you will be playing for a lesser time. Also homeworks and studying. The less you play the better you will be in school. However don’t quit playing games. If you quit your intelligence and stress will rise up and it will be extremely hard to get over it because of the boredness. So live happily play less when you finally can and in the future when you are with someone you can just use it for a small break. Hope this helps.