Get rid of this

Hello,i am finally getting ready to post here.
Its seems it’s safe to talk here.
I m 18 yo girl, from past month i am facing addiction over PMO. I tried to get rid of this but eventually i get failed each and every time.i searched a lot about this and i ended up getting here.
I need some help,to get rid of this shit and live a happy,healthy, and peacefully life.


hey there,

welcome to the forum :wink:

there are quite a few girls here so i hope you will get connected and that you can help eachother out :wink:

best of luck on beeing a nonPMOer :wink:

also i strongyl suggest reading this book “the easy peasy way to quit porn” it ahs great insights on addiction and how to quit easy or even enjoy the process. it also explains how and why there are so many difficulties with only quitting by using the willpower method :wink:

here is a free PDF and a free audiobook on youtube

bests :wink:


Try Easy Peasy…as your addiction in not from very long time…you can definitely recover easily…but you may find it difficult to get on track easily…we have this addiction from years…so we are board of it…but this habit is new for your body…so best of luck…and this one is important…

Get well soon!


Thanks for this i appreciate this.


Me too :blush::blush::blush:‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎


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