Get off the pity potty

If you wanna achieve something in life then you’ll have to make commitments. A habit can subdue another habit .Develop some good habits.

We know some common and popular consequences of masturbation but I’ll tell you something special today .
Masturbating in unhygienic conditions and touching the opening of your penis again and again can develop you urinary tract infection.
Problems caused after urinary tract infection.
1.Unusual delay in urination.
2.Pain in bladder .
3.Always burning like sensation in your penis .
4. Sometimes you won’t be able to urinate at all if the infection has spreaded throughout the Internal network of penis.
Masturbation also causes aging .
If you’re a masturbator and developed a little wound anywhere in your body then it’ll take unusual time to heal cos of WBC imbalance.The opening of your penis will expand and coincidentally your sperm will become thin and watery which will cause the flow of sperm without masturbation.Masturbation will cause loss of capabilities of doing heavy mental and physical work .The perfect shape of your body will be lost and you’ll look odd.
2 minute pleasure can do this all.
So stop it right now !. Get off the pitty potty .Use your time in a productive manner ,in study or some meaningful works.
Masturbation is an evil it’ll destroy your future. Your future counts on your present.
Masturbate today and you’ll suffer an affordable consequence in future.It gives you pleasure today but it’s the pain of future. Stop it .stop it.

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