Get off the pitty pot and get to work

I am not going to lie. What I have to say hurts. However I hope it’s advice that we all should seek.
If you’re like me, meaning I choose to go not even a day without viewing and fapping, you may have asked yourself “what now? I messed up again and again and again. So what now?” At this time we enter the worst part of our addiction and where the chances of relapse comes the most. The pain, the sadness, the self hatred… yeah we all can relate. So what now?
Years ago I shared with my father a relapse I had and how I was feeling. I will never forget what he said. He said, “son, get off the pitty pot. Stop sulking around feeling sorry for yourself and get to work” I know how hard it is to actually have optimism and hope when you relapse. I’ve been feeling the exact opposite. But being out with my Fiancé tonight brought that saying back to my mind. She knows everything about my addiction and we were talking about it tonight. I told her I wanted to be alone. She said to stay with her. We cuddled and she comforted me. I thought about my dad’s words and realized my love for my fiancé is more important than feeling sorry for myself. I cant change what I have done. So when I do mess up I choose to hold my head up high and learn from it. Still it’s always better to just prevent relapse in the first place. Real committment is needed and you have to work. You have to be honest with those around you. Find someone you can trust and talk to them especially when the going gets tough. It is hard let me tell you but when the pain hurts enough then you will strive to change more than you want to breath. Stat strong my fellow brothers and sisters. We’re not alone! Get off the pitty pot and go to work!