Get in shape **LEVEL 1** ! **Goal** 3days » 7 days » 10 days»

Announcing Get in shape challenge
Goals would be ::
3 days » 7 days » 10 days » 15 days »21 days

Do any exercise whichever makes you sweat :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

Click yes if you wanna change !!
It’s a self improvement challenge LEVEL 1
#Mentioned your mate name :name_badge: and get into it !!
#Tagged your partner with daily workout work (what you did today)
#Suggest challenge workout !! To participants

Are you interested ?? To be the change !!
    1. Yes :fire::fire: ! I will be the change I always wanted
    1. Not interested in getting in shape

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@Kaizen brother will you be my mate !! For this challenge

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Count me in

Code -a5ssyg

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Bro! How can I refuse? :relaxed:
I am in!!!
What exercises are you doing?

My daily routine is like this:

  1. Machine pull up : 4x6
  2. Machine chin up : 4x6
  3. Push up : 4x6
  4. Dumbbell raise : 4x6
  5. Machine parallel : 4x6

4x6 means 4 sets each one having 6 reps.

Also I do 5 free hand exercises to warm up my body before getting into these.

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Looks like you are an pro !!
Iam simply follow an app HOME WORKOUT
DAILY it includes

  1. wide hand Pushups
  2. planks
  3. russian twist
  4. jumping
  5. abdominal crunches
  6. mountain runner exercise

I also do cycling
I’m kind of new to exercises !!

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Not really :sweat_smile:
I’m a beginner in gym and it’s been only one week.

I’m starting weight training instead of cardio.

Also, when is the challenge starting and should I check in daily?

What are the consequences of a day missed?

It’s upto you !!

Missed updating here is ok !! But it’s more imp to do


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