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I am on 12th day of nofap and now i don’t think much about porn and don’t even have urges but i am in this WhatsApp group of our college class where they share everything related to courses notes, slides etc … some students share porn in that group. i can’t even leave that group what should i do?

Turn off automatic download of images and videos, you can select what to download and what to ignore. Most of the time one can judge by the blurred thumbnail whether content is erotic or not.

Another option can be to leave the group and ask someone you trust in there to share all the notes with you in dm.


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dude please. sometimes advertising your match is okay but in some cases it just doesn’t help.
he asked what he should do about his whatsapp group. so, the solution can’t be a challenge

what i did in this case (had the same problem in my old class) is that i started a smaller group without the anoying people posting porn and pictures and removed the old group.
typically the motivated people for studying weren’t the ones posting pictures so i was just fine. i had all the information without the pictures