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Hey guys! I wanted to start a thread for frequent users of the app where we could come together and discuss our ongoing battles, struggles, and successes. I started nofap and this app 5 days ago. Not gonna lie, I relapsed after one day! But I reset my counter and I am now on day 4. This community is primarily to thank for that! I am currently trying to retrain my brain. Every time I have even the slightest urge, I come straight here and read the message board or stories from all of you. That means that I am on this app A LOT and probably will be until I have this thing better under control. Hearing about the various methods and struggles you each have helps tremendously! So I just wanted to create a place where frequently active members could come and talk. I’ve noticed a lot of threads are dead and I think it would help me a lot and probably some of you to to be part of and active and constantly updating thread! I will also throw my code up here in a moment, feel free to add me!

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Here is my sharing code, fella’s: xt2jzn

Welcome to the forum, @Flik. I admire your idea, but you essentially summed up the purpose of the whole forum :wink:

People come and go depending on what they need and where they are on their nofap journey, so threads will sometimes die and be replaced, but that doesn’t reduce the value of the advice they contain. Learning to quit porn is hard work and takes a long time for each individual to master, so you will find lots of different tips, some helpful and some less so.

Keep reading the old posts and trying what they suggest, but remember that there is no magic bullet. Nofap is about practising lots of different techniques and learning to use them in combination. Each day is a new battle, and you will need to master many different weapons to fight it.

Good luck!


Another good advice, you are very intellectual! @wanttobreakfree

Oh shhhhhh, you’re making me blush! :blush:


oj222h my code. I want some companions.

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