Gaming really helps! 😬

Alright guys this might sound wierd to most you all but gaming has helped me a lot in keeping urges away. I understood that the reason I relapsed often was that I was jobless and you know what they say, an idol mind is a devils workshop. I tried to do a lot of things to keep mindd busy but failed most of the time.i tried reading, but the very fact that you are alone and reading is not good. Alone is never good. So I switched to things I could do with friends. It’s obvious that I can’t do much with friends coz of corona, but I decided to play online games during my free time with friends to keep me occupied. Now I won’t jack off with friends listening to me now😂. I’ll try and lay down how my day goes just to show how gaming really helped me out ok.

I wake up at 7 and chill out with fam, watch news in the morning before I get ready. My online classes start at 9:30 and it gets over at 12:00. I work out from 5-8:30pm. So 12-5 is a long gap that I must cover. Reading was never gonna cut it, so gaming it was. I play Albion online with my friends and we are constantly talking to each other on discord. We play till I leave to work out. And I work the fuck out. After the work out session id be really tired and after dinner and prayer, I listen to some podcast and fall asleep. The reason why I recommend listening to a podcast, is coz most of us get urges when we try to sleep but actually don’t. It happened to me almost all the time I relapsed. So I make sure that I’m not thinking about anything else before I fall asleep. NEED TO KEEP YOUR MIND BUSY. The podcasts I listen to are by Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Michael Knowles or Charlie Kirk. I listen, think about what they say and gradually fall asleep. Then the same routine repeats.

The very reason gaming withy bros has helped me a lot was coz I could keep my mind occupied while having fun with friends. Keep talking to them till I got something else to do. I play Albion online coz it’s not addictive yet it’s a lot of fun to play with friends. now if you choose to do this, you don’t have to play the same game but something that is not addictive is recommended. Love to hear all of your thoughts on this. Much respect for all you trying to be better. Peace.


U are right… Gaming is tool to keep away these urges…


Thats a great routine you have worked out bro! Well done. Keeping your mind occupied is the key.


According to me gaming is just a time waste, and research also shows that playing shooting games can make us aggressive, and man gaming is just a time waste, if you’re not doing something productive, try to work out, work on your body, it’ll make you feel better…


Could I add something?
Over the years I figured out one thing for me.
Keeping myself occupied (gaming, youtube and so on) is the easiest way to reach 90 days. Gaming makes the time fly by and you don’t have time to think about other stuff.

But if you wanna break free of the cycle of PMO, gaming is just procrastination. At some point in your life, you will have to be idle again. You can’t keep yourself busy for the rest of your life. And in this very moment, you will relapse. (Many people proved time and time again that there is no threshold of 90 days after which you are recovered. People relapse even after 180, 360 or even higher streaks)
I took over one year to improve my life as a primary goal and nofap as a secondary. I read life-changing books, observed my daily habits and listened to what my body tells me. I never reached higher than 7 days during the whole year which sounds frustrating; and it is. But now, I feel much stronger, urges are far reduced and I feel like it could be possible to remove porn forever out of my life.
After years of porn and low streaks, my last one was 25 days, which is the fourth highest I managed in three years

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As per my personal experience gaming boosts dopamine release. It even doesn’t let you sleep peacefully (as soon as you close your eyes you’ll start to get visuals of the game)

The more you win the stages, you want the next stage to slay. And if you fail you’ll keep trying to win and cycle goes on. Finally you’ll reach highest of your dopamine.

It is human tendency to strive for more. So if you’re a pmo addict this is the last place where you end up to get more dopamine.

Gaming gives you virtual success. Which is actually not a reality. And some or the other day you’ll feel lost if you spend more time in gaming. Baaki aap samjadhar ho.

This is my personal experience. It may work differently work for you. Hope it may help someone. :hugs:

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Yeah you’re right… If you wanna be successful both in relationships and in life… You need to practice them not do gaming… It’s (gaming)really a time waste…if you replace that time with workout…You can improve your looks, confidence, Success rate just in two months

Addiction cannot be perfectly cured it can only be replaced by another habit.
My opinion is to keep gaming to a minimum. Don6 use another dopamine release as an escape to just quit PMO.
Because NoFap is not just about quitting your bad habits, it’s also building new healthy ones. Although gaming is not quite to the level of fapping, it is not healthy in the long run and is not as beneficial as to your body like exercise, reading, meditation, or some other paying skills like photography, painting, music, programming, learning a language. Bottom line, there are a lot of other healthy habits for a recovering PMO addict to look to that provides healthy levels of dopamine, and gives you much more of a real life reward.

This is exactly what I’m talking about. You should only use gaming as a reward for your brain for doing all the tasks of the day, hitting whatever targets you wanted to hit.
@GOVIND-19 your routine seems solid and decent, so I can’t really tell you to stop gaming if it doesn’t affect you negatively. I personally like to game a lot, I 've had so much fun playing, but I still quit because it was not adding anything to my real life, but taking away from it.

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I used games to help me in my no pmo journey …at days between 3 to 15… It is like walker… It helps you to move… But after sometimes you start walking without waLker …
Stay strong…


I understand what y’all are saying. I used to play pubg a lot like a year ago. But it only lasted a month coz I quit afterwards coz it was taking too much yime. I do workout, 3+ hours a day, everyday. Reading is something that I find difficult, never been a reader. I do listen to audio books and podcasts as I said. I know more about American politics than Indian politics. I’m a natural debater so politics interest me along. Im an artist so I do have other hobbies. I play the guitar too. But my difficulty is mainly being alone while doing it. My highest streak was 48 days and through most of it I was never alone for most of my day. But now that we are stuck at home, it’s rather difficult. Id quit gaming, it’s not a problem at all. I’ve done it before. But if I can do stuff, productive stuff but with friends, I’d have more fun. I’m super extroverted, so being alone really disturbs me

Limited gaming is okay and will useful for your other tasks…
But the moment you feel like just last one game.
It becomes addiction… Just delete your game after this moment then you will be swearing at your self after months … Even i used to play pubg for hours during my 10th preparation and i used to be angry all the time and thinking about last game just one last game… My parents were really worried for me and one day they said when will you start studying for boards then i shouted at them and told them what was i doing till now… After my shout my dad gave me a really hard slap on my face and said nothing… I really deserved that slap if i think about it now… Then in 11th class i just deleted the app cause it caused me insomnia and i started playing around 6-7 hours and after deletion i myself have seen a change in my personality and i am proud that i won’t go to that path again which will make me shout at my parents i really feel sorry for shouting at my dad still today … Some of these cases are similar from porn addiction too … And gaming is considered to be second most addiction after social media… So please keep your gaming under your own control brother… After leaving gaming/porn i became really happy and now my anger is under my own control…

Its really good that you’re trying to socialise but keep gaming in your control or if not gamind try talking to your friends and family more😄…

Don’t we all? :joy::joy::joy: It’s the funniest shit happening as of now lol. No offense to American bros.

See bros, I understand where y’all are coming from and I do agree that gaming is not the healthiest hobby, but being an extrovert during lockdown really sucks. I mean I can talk with friends via phone can only be done so much. There’s no context, how long can you stretch out a conversation without boring everyone to death. Gaming together gives us context and shit to do. The game we play is not violent, either. But it has to be reduced I get it. We are planning to start a podcast where we can talk about stuff especially politics coz that’s my area of expertise. And @neetwarrior it’s more scary than funny bro. Antifa and BLM is really making the streets more dangerous for normal people. I can’t even begin to imagine what would happen if Joe Biden wins the election. All hopes on trump winning this time as well

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OP that’s one airtight schedule! I do agree with some people saying that gaming isn’t the healthiest alternative/time spender, but it sure does work. I’ve been playing Valorant to help stave off urges when they get bad, and it does a better job than books. Obviously you can’t solely rely on gaming, but it’s not as if you’re letting yourself go. You even said you work out a lot. I only work out for about 30 minutes a day, so you’re doing better than me😂 keep up the good work and don’t give in!


Hey bros, as much as I agree with y’all, there’s a thing I noticed that happened today. Today my friends were not available to play along. So I was playing alone. It was not fun to play much and also being alone even though I was playing, I still got urges. So in my opinion, the more important thing is to be around other people, loneliness is the villain.

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Yep. I agree with you. Being lonely is messed up. Our brains detest loneliness, it can’t handle being alone for shit, that’s the reason we seek out YouTube videos and stuff i guess. Just to feel another person’s presence.