GAME OF MILESTONES TARGET : 5d, 10d, 15d, 25d, 50d, 74d, 111d, 148d, 222d, 333d, 444d

Don’t worry @Sandip001 it’s a Chaser effect get over it and start again… more power :muscle::+1::fire:

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@Sandip001 have erased your 5 A’s same day chaser effect relapses are not counted as Milestones

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@Shubh786 @NFMan @dingan @rjv092 and


You can self edit your Milestones alphabet in Post 2

Please keep updating your score on POST 2 once your reach a particular MILESTONE


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:blush: thnx bro…and i going to defeat this addiction with one puuuuuunnnnch!!!

Relapsed but i will come back like a rubber ball .I have found the last reason exist that lead me to fapping

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Good luck, my friend. @dingan

Can I join…This competition will really help motivate me
SC: 1wo8km

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i just relapsed :worried:

Don’t worry man come back


My sharing code

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Wollo reached E 37days​:muscle::muscle::muscle:

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A my share code qt9keg

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No worries man @onepunchman … again punch it hard :muscle::muscle:

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Need your current streak @LAKSHYAONFIRE to be on the SCOREBOARD

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Neet your current streak @vishal2003 to be on the SCOREBOARD


That’s great news my dear friend @Wollo

You crossed the half cycle


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@chelex I’d like to join

One day done :wink:

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Wow @Razz

You have already surpassed Half Cycle.

Have added you to the SCOREBOARD in Post 2

You can also edit yourself in Post 2


@AIIMSONIAN2K21 we need atleast Day 5 to be on the SCOREBOARD in POST 2 :slightly_smiling_face:

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:sweat_smile:I forgot to update my score
Iam on day 41

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