Gabriellesta92's Diary - I'm tired off all this

Hi my name is Gabriel, I’m 25yo And I’m from Argentina .
I wrote this post because I’m tired of thinking about porn all the fucking day. I have to fight the urge to fap when i wake up, every time I’m alone and when i try to sleep.
I just wanna know when I’m going to be free from porn and masturbation.

I use this way to feel better. If you are one of that guy that don’t think in porn anymore i want to know how many time did you need to achieve that.

PS: i’m in my 65 day with no pmo. And sorry for my language mistakes, i learn English from movies and video games :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello my friend.

Day 58 here, never felt better! :slight_smile:


It is hard to say! It is different for each person. I did NoFap for a month or two years ago. It didn’t stick and I wasn’t able to change so I went back to my old habits. It was years later I started trying a bit again just doing week long streaks and then almost another year before I gave it a good effort and just knew I was ready to change.

I was right, but I still am obsessed with looking at women on the street and on facebook or insta etc. This is taking a lot longer than I thought but the longer I stick with it the more aware I am becoming of my bad habits and it may seem like nothing is moving or its getting worse but I believe awareness is the first step to change so I have faith that change is happening.

I don’t know if you feel that applies to you or can help at all. But it is a journey and everyones journey will look and feel different. All I’ve learned is to keep trying. Sometimes you must take breaks and try again later but you can change if you are getting there through self love and self acceptance.


in my case, all these things didn’t come with long streaks but with knowledge about my habits and addiction. I spent about 5 months learning and writing down every tiny bit about it.

My urges are no mystery to me anymore. I know exactly why and in which situations they come. This reduced the strength of the urge and more important I can remove em easily. So, if I have an urge because I have way to much to do (stress), i can, instead of fapping, concentrate on my work which removes the urge