Funding and Financing Rewire Companion App

I’m curious to know how this app is financing itself and running? Is it all about donations or something more to it?

My curiosity is due to the fact that I find the RC app almost life saving for most of us. And therefore I’m just afraid that I don’t want to lose this app, at least for the next decade or so. And I’m aware that sometimes due to lack of funding or donations, businesses or ideas shutdown it. So let me know the economics behind running this app. And let us know if regular committed users of this app could be of some use.

Of course, I’m sorry in advance if I’m asking much of details that you may think I shouldn’t know. This is just my innocent curiousity toward something that I’ve come to value so deeply.

Thank you

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It’s ads and donations. And my love for programming and helping. :slight_smile:


That is great! I wish to be of some use to Rewire in the future as a programmer because I’m currently learning programming. It’s a good way to give back/contribute. I’ll perhaps keep you posted on my learning curve and progress.

Thank you


And I was thinking it was running by channeling off small amounts of our superpowers :sweat_smile: