Fun thing in the morning

Hi everyone

I have a question for all the early birds out there.
What is a fun thing one can do, first thing in the morning.

I realized that my issue with getting up in the morning is, that I don’t really wanna do anything.
The blankets are nice and cosy, I don’t have to be at work at a specific time and so on.
I need something small I could do in the morning right after waking up, something that gets me excited for the day.

The only restriction: it has to be something positive. (Just tossing away the blankets wouldn’t work. Why should I do that :sweat_smile: )


You can listen the instrumentals which will boost your mood and you can do dance on the beats(if you love it)
I know it sounds crazy but I have done this very long time ago. It really works well


Prepare favourite breakfast for household


Bro, brush you teeth then do meditation. Thats the best thing to do first in the morning. Then do affirmation, Visualization, exercise, journaling, reading etc. You can incorporate all these things into a 1 or 1 and half hour schedule. If you continue doing this, in 3 months you’ll become a beast, I promise. Consistency the most important thing bro.


Scroll through rewire app for 5mins

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