Fuck everything you think you know

Fuck everything you think you know .

Let me break this shit down to you, one more time.

The problem is NOT mastrubation. The problem is your motivation and your lack of action. Thats all.

It doesnt fucking matter what it is you’re after; could be money, girls, fame, anything.

If you were to almost die today, lets say a tornado fucking picked your sorry ass up from your couch and threw it across some shark infested water, and you landed right at the center of that shit, and now 30 big ass sharks were after you, and you thought to yourself “this is fucking it, im done.”

Theres no way to survive this clusterfuck, right? Wrong, the tornado comes back around and is now in the water, the sharks seem to be confused as fuck, so they back off

and amids the shitstorm above you, you safely reach the shore.

You survived.

Now you think to yourself: “what the fuck… I almost just fucking died right there… what the fuck?”

And then you realise the most important realisation you could ever realise. Among our easy-socio-economic society, vastly different from the one our ancestors had to survive, you now come to the conclusion, that one day, you might just fucking DIE.

And that is not a easy thing to grasp.

So, now you know; "ah fuck, this rollercoaster i’m on and taking for granted every single fucking day, with wasting

so many years on chasing stupid ass goals, like videogames and fapping to the chicks that dont even know I exist, and sitting at bars with the people that would forget me as soon as I started building my world, and a myriad of other unimportant shit. This beautiful thing with unlimited options, this fucking thing right here infront of me… will end one day."

“what the fuck should I do with this?”

Well, you and I both know the answer to that. Its not some magic pill or secret or anything of that nature.

The plan is fucking simple as shit.

And me and nobody fucking else in the entire universe, can tell you that plan except yourself.

But you and I also know that you allready know the plan. You allready know exacly which steps to take, and if you dont,

sit your ass down, write your major goal in life or decide on one, and sit there untill you pull the plan out of thin air. Thats how it works. No secret.

Stop reading books, stop watching videos with the idea that they will give you yet another step to follow and then you will go after it.

Stop with this NoFap bullshit .

Hear me out. You think that now, that youre conquering your demons every day, by not having sex and not watching the dipshits of the world bang their brains out, that now youre enlightened. So you think by denying yourself awesome sex with hotties, you will get closer to some grand realisation that will inspire you to go and sweat your ass of in the gym. Thats not enough.​

You have to understand why we tell you to not jerk off.

Sexual energy is the most powerful form of stimulant in the world . There are a few things that come close, but thats about it. And you were wasting this precious energy on so many stupid things. You wasted it on porn, you wasted it by hanging out at bars, hoping to get laid, you wasted it by the days and months you spent on social media, chatting your fucking life away, and posting shit that noone really cares about anyway, you wasted it with the girls you were with, knowing that they’re not really what you want, but you are getting laid, so its okay.

Its not okay.

This is your fucking LIFE were talkig about here!

That moment is never ever going to come back, that time is spent, gone.

Now, you could continue with your sorry existence, blaming society, or your parents or blaming everyone and everything around you for the things that are going wrong in your life.

Or you can decide to stop and start living this miralce were blessed to have. You can decide to put that dick away, and toss that damn bottle into the fire, and burn those joints youre saving up, because you “NEED” to get high to be creative. Stop the bullshit.

And dont do this for me, or your girl, or your parents who you’ve failed before. Dont do it for them.

Do it for you. Do it, because when you were 12 or 14 you made a promise to yourself. You made a promise to become a great man.

And a great man doesnt have time for bullshit.

What would that kid think if he saw you jerking off to some shemale fucking a horse for the fifth time today? What would he think if he saw you drinking and smoking your life away, watching it all fall apart.

Now im not saying its wrong to fap or to drink or smoke. Nothing is wrong with those kinds of things, unless they control your life, unless you can become someone better by avoinding them, unless you think you NEED them.

You can never become the true self you are meant and want to be, until you realise that you dont NEED anything.

The point of NoFap is for you to understand that this power that you jerk away, can be used for something much greater. The point is for you to understand that you CAN control and direct that power. The point you can only realise after you’re cleared of the “addiction” is that only YOU control your destiny here, and nobody and nothing else, including that dick.

All you have to do is transmute those thoughts of desire, into something greater.

So, NoFap will do you no good, unless you have a goal infront of you. If you dont, the energy will just seek some other less constructive expression, and you will be nervous and horny as shit all the time.

Get it now? You need to have a goal and fucking chase after it . That is where the true happiness comes from.

If you were to almost die today, you would realise that. But youre too confortable in this world.

Everything you want can be delivered right to that couch and you dont need to do anything.

But thats not life.

You are meant for MUCH greater things. You have to REMEMBER and REALISE that.

Decide what your destiny is going to be. Decide today, for fate waits for no man. It will pass you by in the blink of an eye,

and when youre lying on that death bed, you better have some grand stories to tell to your grandchildren who are supposed to be in ave of you.

When you’re done deciding, put all of that useless bullshit aside, and spend the energy that will without a doubt be there, on that goal. Dont you dare be fucking lazy and procrastinate with bullshit excuses. You can be that man today, the man that at 20,30,40,50 years of age stoped and said “im not doing this shit anymore, im going to do this differently, and I dont give a fuck what I have to give in return”.

Its NEVER too late.

Spend that energy on bulding up your body, spend it creating that book and that song only you can see and hear, spend it climbing the ladder at your job, spend it on destroying everyone at your chess club, spend it on your extra homework, spend it on empowering your mind with meditation, spend it on anything that will keep you fucking moving foward. But dont ever spend it on fucking yourself over, like you did in the past.

You have to understand; and with the knowledge and control of this energy will come the understanding: You can have anything you want in this life, anything at all! That is not a joke, fucking read it again. ANYTHING.

What you have to do to get it, you will realise later on, but everything has a price.

You have to forge yourself into the person that can have x or y or whatever, it wont just fall on your fucking lap. Life will end before that.

So get off reddit and youtube and other useless shit, and start CREATING right fucking now!

Its not fucking easy, but its fucking simple . And you dont really have a choice.

This ride WILL end one day. Spend your time wisely.

Dont become another statistic.

Make a dent, a crater upon this world, before that ceaseless silence overtakes you.

You have been warned.

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YES.Every. Single.Word.YES.

Thanks, J.


I have read the same write up in reddit few days ago?

Was that you there also?

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No it was not me! I just wanted to share it with u guys!