Frustration , anger

It’s been more than 1 day and I m very frustrated since this morning… I m angry about everything going around me how my house looks how I m stuck here… I m agitated of things I m lacking things I don’t have… I wanna run out from this, I want to feel free, shout out I want to relax without thinking of anyone… I want someone whom I can talk to who understands me and give me a company

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When you are starting out first few days will be horrible… you will relapse… many times… but seriously after a few times days DO become easier… I’ve only just recently started my journey… just literally a month ago going a day was HELL for me… now it’s easier to go a few days and not be upset or hurting

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Yes brother trying to ignore all thoughts and move forward in life

have you relapsed before?

Bro just tolerate this. This is flatline. Pass through it.


Yes brother I can and I will

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