Frustrated Christian

Any frustrated Christians on here? I’m 37 and I’m a bit of a loner. I’m trying to fight this pmo addiction but I’m not free. As a believer I’m meant to be putting sin to death but this sin isn’t dying, I’m not fighting hard enough it seems and it’s frustrating. I’ve made progress but I’ve had to reset again and my mind is already trying to make excuses and soothe myself and take the easy way out.
It’s so frustrating to have to reset the damn counter maybe this will help me next time I get to 10 days to remember how I feel today.
My main frustration is being single at 37 and desperately wanting a relationship damnations I’ve prayed so much, I’ve had many admirers but what is wrong with me?? I hate being such a screw up. At least if I can deal with this pmo addiction then maybe maybe God will bless me with the right woman and I can get married one day…


Bro God is not some all-powerful magician. He loves us, and the strength he gives us you must take from your inner self, deep inside yourself. Besides that, you are not supposed to «kill sin» or whatever. Remember that God always loves you, whatever you may do, if you sincerely put all of yourself into it, you will conquer it. God is here to help you find that strength that you have deep inside, but that you don’t know yet. Meditate, pray and put all your strength into that fight. That way you will defeat PMO. I know it’s easier said than done. But I know from experience that you just HAVE TO go through a damn lot of relapses before you achieve NoFap because a relapse teaches you 1000 more than a day without PMO. The only thing you must do is keep faith, see each relapse as a lesson and take the best from it. This is where your mental strength will be needed. It is in the moments where you will have no more willpower, no more envy to continue the fight that you can turn to God, pray for a moment and restore your inner force. You will eventually beat PMO if you keep trying right? Now you just have to keep trying and one day you will feel that you are ready mentally to leave PMO and this day you will achieve NoFap. Don’t try to skip steps : to do this you absolutely must be honest with yourself. Learn little by little, build the wave that will destroy PMO. This is the real fight. Believe in yourself. God never makes a challenge too hard for us to be beaten. You CAN destroy PMO, but you must have faith, determination, consistency and most important believe in yourself.
Keep the fire burning bro :fire::fire::fire:
God bless you


You are on right path… Believe me when you will complete 100 days of nofap… the women of your dreams will come into your life.


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Although i didnt read your full comment… :grin:
It was too fucking long
But i like your comment because you support people in need.


I understand it can be boring because its not meant for you but I’ve put some interesting ideas in it

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Ánimo!!!..un abrazo amigo!!

In english please man I dont speak portugese or spanish or whatever

Thanks pierretomas and resurrection for your comments and encouragement. I do think I’ve turned a corner since I’ve installed this app and I’m daring to push for 100 days clean as a new personal best. I think I have other issues unfortunately that block me from having a girlf but at least with porn and mast out of the way or mostly I will be in a much better place to recognise the right girl and have the courage and motivation to go for it. I’ve had counselling for porn and other issues but often we have to do the work in fact we always have to do the work. The counsellor is a guide and a listening ear but he/she can’t fight your battles for you. I may see a counsellor again but right now I’m sticking with this app.
In fact I think I should keep this app for life until the counter number is so high it’s ridiculous lol


Maybe some women in your life as friends might be helpful? No pmo is the goal, but being content right where you are is the best place to try to be.

A woman can make you happy but problems will come with a relationship.

As my relationship with God has grown I am happier single, I can focus on no pmo, and I can be patient by waiting to see who God brings into my life.

Look for happiness right where you are. Search for God more if you feel like that relationship can get better.

I hope this gives you something to think about…


Hi brother. What you need more than anything else is to believe in God’s love and grace for you right there where you are. You cannot win this battle in your own efforts, none of us can do it by himself. The more you feel frustrated and disapointed with yourself the more you will continue failling and watching porn.
You have to change the way you see yourself. Believe what God says, about you:
God loves you and accepts you because you are his child, not because of your performance.
You are his child
You are cleaned by Jesus’ blood.
You’ve been justified by faith and not by your good works.

We will live holy when we learn to see ourselves as holy men, cleaned and justified by God’s grace through faith in Jesus blood.

God bless you bro.


I am a Christian too and the worse thing is I’m married and I can’t help myself stop masturbating even though I know it’s a sin. I feel like I’m cheating on my wife. I’m not Glorifying my God. It’s all like regrets. But good thing is I keep on getting back up. Let’s find success for this quest brother. God is great he will listen to our prayer. In Jesus name amen.

Yup. I realize that we don’t have to desperately stop the thrilling waves of life albeit it being very awful, unpredictable, and dangerous sometimes; we are meant to learn to surf in the wave and conquer it like a boss :fire: :fire: YEAH!!!