From US. I'm so sick of a culture where women are over sexualized

My code is 27473a
20 M
Just trying to get this addiction out of my life and actually puruse my goals

Hey man this is my code 798fe5 let’s fight this together!

I suggest you to get married as fast as you can !. Hope you can do it brother !!!l

@yazeed44 @ruz92 I added you
my code 360e4e

ruz my full respect to openly talk with other people about this problem.
How did you do this? I would love to talk with friends / family / girlfriend about my problems but I’m just too scared of their reaction :confounded:

Thank you man, I hope this will help you: I’ve recently started to share more about me with my close friends and family in general,so I’m not that open about it, I just tell people i really trust, but what helped the most was telling my mother, I explained her what i read and learned about it and that i was trying my best to overcome the urges but that it was hard, she understood and fully supported me and she even asks about my streak sometimes which feels a little weird but makes me feel stronger than ever because if I disappoint her it hurts me more than disappointing myself. And i told my previous girlfriend about it too because i was having some trouble in the bed, she understood too and was patient with me and it helped so much I was performing well again, I think opening yourself is risky and scary but with the right people it helps a lot, so good luck, we are all in this fight together man

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what should be the reason??
cure of porn addiction is not getting married
in fact many of us do have or had a girlfriend or were in a mariage while having the addiction at the same time

This is my code: 58b905