From Day 0 To Infinity ♾


DAY 0 Nirvana Mode

For Every Journey There is a Beginning. Today i have begin My Journey.

Orgasm, Binge Watching has destroyed my life. I am lying on my bed and praying for mercy… if i survive this time … i may live…to see the sun of the next day.


Wish you the best. Welcome to the comunity!


I think I might know this guy or his avatar is pure coincidence xd


Resurrection, is that you?


I think he is resurrection, that profile photo and the post style is very similar to that of resurrection

And I don’t think so that a new user would start a dairy once he joins.also the post looks like he has experience writing posts in this forums


I was same 84 days before but after 84 days I am growing Taking Good Decision In Life & Specially I am not giving fuck to anybody else, My Self Esteem Increasing Day by Day



Brother, welcome to the group. Just an advice go for 3 days not infinity. After 3 go for a week . You need to understand that Good habits are cultivated gradually and over time…


And to everyone who is trying to reveal his identity… Guys please mind your own business… let him fight in whatever way he wants. Everyone has right to fight this addiction and that’s exactly why we are here… Don’t show off your intellect by gussing publicly who he might be… respect his privacy and respect his battle.


I have just found this app and i have no idea about what you guys are talking about.



LOL, alright we believe you’re not resurrection,:sweat_smile: my bad, here’s a tip dont just directly jump to infinite, it dont work like that, set a small target of 3 days , then 7 and then gradually increase it to 21 , 30.


Yes, this is reserved for rare people who are already close to reboot. You should set small goals first. @Awakening I think this is the way out for you:

  1. Quit pmo and do s*x instead of pmo.
  2. First, do s*x every 3 days for 4 times.
  3. Then, do it every 7 days for 4 times.
  4. You will start to forget pmo in the meanwhile.
  5. Then, do it every 14 days for 4 times.
  6. Then, do it every 21 days for 4 times.
  7. Then, do it every 28 days for 4 times.
  8. Then, do it every 35 days for 4 times.
  9. Then, 42 days and so on…
  10. Pass one year like this. Do not worry. Do not hate orgasm. Do not do kareeza etc. Get rid of pmo first.
  11. I hope that pmo will get out of your mind after one year of normal mode and even your normal mode will become comparable to your hard mode, which is your long desired dream.
  12. Before doing all this, tell the plan to your wife and set the calendar. Be strict to the plan. It is easy on normal mode. Go on dates etc also.
  13. Try hard mode only after one year. You cannot do it at this stage. Start from where you are right now.
  14. All it needs is intelligent plans. Actually, it should be easy for you.

Best of luck! Don’t forget it!


Have you completed this plan ? … i mean did you applied it on yourself ?


No, but others did something similar. I do not need this and I am single. Isn’t it better than relapsing to p**n and cheating one’s wife? What I have actually applied on myself is andhvishwas for fools.


Bhai kitte naam change krega??



Out of 24 hours of Hell… i will only write the good things here … darkness, misery & pain is enough and overwhelming. So, Lets focus on the good things we have this day like i am still alive
:black_small_square: I eat sandwich with cheese.
:black_small_square:Had a good time with my family.
:black_small_square:Played Pubg today.
:black_small_square:Studied for some time.
:black_small_square: laughed with joy.



Hello Guys…
My Newbie
Start in Day 1
:worried: :worried:

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Thanks :pray:


Greetings Awakening, this guy Resurgent everyone is talking about was notorious for his actions in this forum and was banned. You need not worry though. Just make sure to read through this section and don’t break any rules. Violators are banned quick.


Thanks for the welcome,
I have read all the community guidelines.