From a winner to a looser, help me!

Hello guys, so i am 17 yo from india going to be 18 in this year and i apologize for my poor english

So my highest streak was around 115 days, but then i relapsed without p#rn, made a streak of about 21 days, relapsed again, then 10 days streak, relapsed again with p#rn, now i find it hard to get a streak of 2 days

I also installed p#rn blocker but still i manage to find it by digging it in google

Help me! ,Please

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Neurologists agree that the old pathways that exit toward uncomfortable behaviors and acting out won’t go away, but intentionally creating new pathways allows a person to avoid swerving off the edge toward the crash. Over time and after building new and positive habits and ignoring paths to porn use, the cravings for porn and the constant cues for sexual thought will diminish and willpower will return. With practice, patience, and perseverance, freedom from porn can be the new reality.

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So what should i do now?

  1. start a new streak RIGHT AWAY (don’t go for a bingeing session)
  2. start a habit/activity that ACTUALLY makes you happy
  3. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER ( start reading about this subject). There is plenty of material available.
  4. remember this “EVERY SECOND IS A NEW RECORD”