FROM 0-7 DAYS challenge πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘πŸΌ

Ok !!! This group is for relapsers and beginner !!! Like. 07 day challenge which we will do it together


1. Dignity should be maintained for female companions ( otherwise will be removed )

2. Open discussion and confusion are to be discussed 
3. Relapse will result in removal 

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Check in - 26th Feb…DAY 1 / 7
All good…glory to God

Check in day 0 starting now

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I relapsed today bro, am sorry…now on day 0

Ok guys I’m on one year trying to NoFap, I’ve fallen back into relapsing a lot. Baby steps is a great start. This is day 0 / 7. Let’s get serious about this

I am on day 4 havong urges

Completed 7 days sucessfully

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