Friend Got Pain when NoFapping

So, my friend ask for a help

He said his pp hurts when he tries to cease fapping. He said when he holds his urge to fap, he will got overactive bladder and his penis will hurt.

I ask him about his fap frequency and he said he gaps 3/4 days per week or everyday.

So my question is

What causes it and how to heal it?

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It might be blue balls , It usually fades away soon.
But I am nit medical expert!

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It could either be blue balls as Shivam said.
Or it could be due to excessive fapping, his body is producing more vitamins/seminal fluid/sperm/etc. And so when he stops, his body still produces that at an excessive rate. After some time the body should lower the amount it produces and he should be okay. Just dont fap as the body will continue as it is and its depleting his nutrients which may cause issues in the future. He should also check for prostate enlargement or pelvic floor dysfunction.
Hope this helps!

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May be blue balls if the pain is in the ball area bladder area…

It would be good if your friend consults a doctor. Nofap or not, it may be of concern.

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Yeah I already told him to go to doctor for a better diagnose