Fresh89's Diary - We Can Defeat it Together!

Hey everyone!

As you can guess from the title, I messed up. I relapsed. I feel really bad about it, @J0KER I wasn’t even able to keep up for more than a day!

But instead of sulking about it… I’m picking myself up and trying again. This thing is hard and I don’t think anybody who never had to deal with it, will be able to relate.

What you see in media can play a subconscious role in causing you to experience worser urges. I definitely need to watch what I watch… limit my exposure to media… and somehow find a way to dodge most of the erotic images floating about… at least for the first 90 days.

To everyone reading this: I know how it feels!

Anything can be a trigger. Not even just sexually suggestive images, but just feeling tired.

Another cause for my relapse was, emotional pain. I was thinking so much about one of my friends and… now I eventually contacted them and everything seems to be better now… but I still needed a escape from the pain.

But I’m not gonna give up! 90 days and above and beyond is my goal! Anyone who wishes to join me can do so. One day our pain will be over and we will lead better lives and be self-fulfilled!


@fresh89 i know it is hard but if you want to raech the goal u need to try a lot, there was once in my life i used to fap every single day.
The key for me was i stopped it slowly like for eg instead of doing it everyday i did it once in 3 days, then in 7 days , 2 weeks and slowly one month. Now i am on streak of 33 days which is my highest and i dont feels the urge anymore. U need to control ur senses and dont watch porn.

If u r indian u can watch a movie mardaani 2 this helped me a lot to view women as they are and not sex objects.


Thanks a lot @J0KER! Yeah I will keep your advice in mind.


Hey everyone!

Time for another diary entry. So I changed the name to something more positive. I haven’t written anything in the past few days but I felt that now is a good time.

The good news is I think I’m getting better at this. My current streak is only 5 days… which is pretty humble compared to many of yours on here. But I think it’s a good start concerning that I’ve only been doing this for 2 weeks now and I used to PMO every day.

Bad news is I lost the streak.

I wanna say thanks for all the advice I’ve been getting. @J0KER who encouraged me to keep going even if I stumble and keep trying to build my streak slowly but surely. @anon14496424 gave me advice to read a book which I will soon to also help me. Looks like we have a good community on here.

My current goal is 7 days and better! Hopefully more than that depending how well I can hold out. It is definitely easier now that I have companions and now that I can engage with this community to talk about things.

Stay strong everyone! till next time.