Fresh89's Diary [21 M] - Here's to leading a better life!

Hey everyone!

Firstly, I’m glad to find a place where I can talk about things with people who can understand. I haven’t told many people in my life about this. I’m really ashamed.

This is my first diary entry. I’m gonna try my best to beat this thing and I’ll be lying if I say I can do it alone. I’m hoping that through sharing my own experiences here (hopefully everyday if I can), I can inspire someone else who is struggling with porn and masturbation addiction and find inspiration in other’s experiences. I’m only human, and I know this journey will be hard. I’ve attempted it several times in the past but I think this time I am truly ready to let go of this thing.

I want to sympathise with everyone else struggling with this and say that it’s harder than most people want to believe. But together we can break this thing! I am also hoping to make a few friends along the way and we can share our experiences with each other in the comments or through direct messaging in this forum. I’d rather not do WhatsApp or anything because I don’t want to risk other people in my life knowing about this. Like I said before, I’m highly ashamed of it.

I’m tired of feeling ashamed of myself. I’m tired of feeling like I don’t belong. I’m tired of the emotional aspects that come with this issue. I’m tired of not feeling self-fulfilled.

Let’s share with each other what we’re going through and tips to get through it all!

I’m embarking on the 90 day journey myself. And the hope is not to stop there. My sharing code is r14n97. I’m not sure how fantastic I will be as an example but I’m willing to put myself out there so that I have the motivation to continue.

Thank you all! Let’s break the hold that porn addiction has on our lives! Together!