Found out im going through something called a flatline?

Today i felt really depressed; i even thought about dark thoughts (suicide) and just idk
i also noticed that i had No sexual urges
No morning wood
and no desire for porn or have anything to do with the opposite sex?
This has been going on for about 3 days; i actually thought that my penis died.
I need some motivation and support, i feel like no one cares about me all of a sudden.
Day 23
Ps how long is the flatline going to take


Bro I am not expert in this but I do know that it depends on how long your flatline will last, I think that the key is to not let unhealthy dopamine in your life, and instead go for healthy dopamine activities like exercise, reading books, this period shouldn’t last that long for you, don’t worry, it would be just some more days and that’s all, you will be feeling better again.


Thanks im on a strick no edging diet.
One time a year ago I made it to day 40, never had a you think i didn’t get it at thst time because I spent the whole 40 days edging. Meanwhile now I haven’t seen any porn or sexual image


Yes this is flat line. I was witnessing it when on day 19. Probably it will end by 25th day.
I am on my 33rd day but thinking got another flatline.
And from experience you can get again on your day 90 for sure


Yes, when we stop giving the dopamine we used to give, and then stop suddenly, we feel withdrawal symptoms, feeling of emptiness, something to fill the void that is there and we only notice it when we stop to try to give ourselves temporary.

It can be filled by interacting with loved ones, avoiding isolation, etc…


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