Found a great app on play store to stop access to adult conten

I found a great app which will definitely block all adult content access on your phone
Nd it has many features for free
Like it has 2 modes
1 general mode which will stop porn nd others
2 high mode which will restrict every adult thing

Nd if you want your friend can set a password in it so that you can never unblock that app or uninstall app at the moment of heat(urge)

Nd many features like you can put a friend’s number so that whenever you want to unblock that porn filter , firstly a code will be send to your friend nd when you put that code then that app will unblock filter
So your friend will not tell you the code nd you will never access that porn shit

Bro what is the app you are talking about? Can you mention the name please

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Bulldog blocker bro
Sorry I forgot to mention the name😅

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